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johnson and johnson colored contact lenses

johnson and johnson colored contact lenses Technology Lacreon

Lacreon technology has a wetting agent to retain moisture up to 20 hours.

- Choose a color similar to the shape of the iris of the human eye

Color design that is inspired by the shape of the iris of the human eye to make eyes look more natural, beautiful, and sparkling.

- Technology beauty wrapped in comfort

This technology wraps coloring pigments between two layers of lens material that is thinner and transparency so as to prevent contact between pigment and eyes. This is useful for reducing eye irritation.

- Anti-UV

Contact lenses which have anti-UV protection membntu protect the corneas from harmful UV radiation.

Contact lenses have the same functionality with the glasses as visual aids, but contact lenses can offer several advantages such as the scope of view of a more perfect and more flexibility in the move. However, the current contact lenses are not only used as visual aids, but also as a supporting appearance. In addition to the clear contact lenses, some colored contact lenses and colored contact lenses enthusiasts now increasingly high thanks to the beauty circle lens or lens that is specifically designed to support the cosmetic.

Increased contact lens users create optical shops mushroomed. Even contact lenses can be sold freely online. Is everything safe for your eyes? The use of contact lenses is right and buy at the right place can keep you from complications such as hipkosia (red eyes, watery). the formation of deposits (dirt), inflammation, until vaskulasi (formation of new blood vessels).

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